Website Credits

My personal website uses open source software including:

  • CMS: Ghost Blog
  • Theme: Modification of Troy Hunt's theme
  • Hosting: Webfaction using their Shared $10 per month plan. (Which runs five of my sites, and about 25 backend applications)
    WARNING: Webfaction is now owned by GoDaddy, is no longer accepting new sign-ups, and I'll have to move hosting once GoDaddy ends Webfaction as a separate brand.
  • Coding Editors: [Brackets] & Sublime Text 3. (Sublime Text is primarily used by me for drafting posts)
  • Office: I rent at The Seedworks in Downtown Hamilton
  • Internet: The Seedworks purchases dedicated Internet from NetAccess
  • Saturday Nights: I do most of my personal website work blasting KMDL-FM's Classic Country Saturday Night on the office Sonos :)
  • RSS: Tiny Tiny RSS
  • Project Management: - Kanboard hosted on my Webfaction server.