Daily Log - 02 Dec 04

While, here is my plan of attack for my blog for the next bit in time. I need to add a blog roll. I also need to add more to my left side column. I am going to try to script in my header that you are used to seeing on the front page – www.joeycoleman.ca – I am going to work on putting up more content and commentary. I am also going to start my daily blog. I do not know how this will work cause I am always so busy.

I have picked my summer courses today. I will be taking them here at U of M. I loved this place in the summer and I cannot wait for summer again! It will be a blast. I have made enough money in this one term that I do not have to work for the second term. So I gave my notice and I am done with my current job for second term. This is going enable me to really focus on my studies.

I am drinking enough tea anymore to fill an ocean. I am on my 9th cup of the day. All Caffeine free. I have been reading up on my politics today. I also spent about 5 hours studying for exams. I was very surprise with Canada Post today. I sent a letter by registered letter mail yesterday and it ended up in Hamilton this morning. It was quicker than courier. I was very pleasantly surprised. It is so near to Christmas right now that you would think the mail be at a near standstill.

I am preparing for my move to St. Andrew’s College right now. Right now I have the largest room that can be assigned to a first year student on campus. Next, I will be moving to one of the smallest room on campus. It is one-third the size of my current room. The ceiling is 25% percent lower as well. St. Andrew’s College is the most strict residence on campus. It has only 40 rooms and most of them are for Professors and Seminary Students. I will be the only first year student there. I feel extremely privileged.

I was on A Channel here in Winnipeg tonight. I absolutely dislike hearing myself on TV. I do not do TV well at all.

I will be volunteering heavily in the next couple of weeks. I will be serving dinners at 5 Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs here in Winnipeg. I will be doing gift-wrapping for charity closer to Xmas.

I will be nice and busy in the middle of moving. I will also be starting my essay that is due in March. I will have to do 4 essays next term all of which will be over 20 pages. It will be crazy.

The daytime high today was -16 with windchill it felt -25. Winter is fully here now. Lots of fun.
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Corrections: St. Andrew’s College is not the most strict residence on campus in the sense implied in the post. It is strict, but not unreasonable and one of the best environments I’ve ever lived. I was one of only a couple first-year students in the residence.