Daily Log - 04 Dec 04

I am so tired of the same food. Every weekend it is the same except now we do not get potatos. We just get fries. Damn, fries are so unhealthy so now I do not get starch in my diet. I friggin cannot stand paying 15 dollars a day for two bad meals! I am so glad that I am moving out of this rez and to another rez that is not run by Aramark Food Services. Sure, I have to give up my job because the University will no longer consister me to be an “resident” student despite the fact that I am living in a on-campus residence! Today I had my best performance at work ever! It so busy and stuff but I had a great time. I only slept 5 hours last night. I am so stressed about exams it is not even funny. I did get the Newspapers section of my website up and running finally. I also uploaded a ton of pictures so by the end of the week I should have the picture page up. Since I will be on vacation for about a month I will have my site humming.
Check out this article, it is the coolest (more like “coldest”) of the day CFS Alert
While, that is all for now, back to school work for me.