Debates for Public School Trustee Candidates in Dundas and Flamborough Wednesday Evening - Open to Public [Recording]

The Hamilton-Wentworth Council of Home & School Associations is holding a debate for the Public School Trustee seats in Dundas and Flamborough. I’ll broadcast the debate live from Dundas Town Hall (60 Main Street, Dundas) starting at 7pm.

I’ll record the meeting.
(CBC is holding a mayoral debate at the same time which they are streaming. As I’m not looking to compete with CBC, I’m not going live in Dundas. This will save me the cost of mobile bandwidth)

The public can attend and ask questions of the candidates.

The candidates will also debate Thursday night at 7pm at Waterdown District High School. I will broadcast the debate on Thursday, which is followed by a Council and Mayoral debate.

There are two seats for the area, the Ward 13 & 14 seat, and the Ward 15 seat.


(Sorted by Date of Registration)

Ward 13 & 14 (Dundas, Greensville, Rural Flamborough)

Ward 15 (Waterdown, Rural Flamborough)