DENIED: Justice and Knowledge.

I asked to see at least some of the information used against me by McMaster University on behalf of MSU Inc. I was denied at first. I took it a step further, I filed a Freedom of Information Request. It has been denied after a request by MSU Inc. to deny me the information. (I know this due to a source within MSU Inc.)
Anyway, here is the first page of the denial (I have been advised that posting can result in more charges against me, so I am trying my luck by merely doing this.) The other pages merely quote the sections and gives the reasons that the MSU expected the information to remain secret and as such has to remain secret.
So much for a fair hearing and a fair opportunity to show that the MSU is lying with this ridiculous bull—- allegations.
All this because I tried to ban their corporate gifts.
The sum of all this, I will probably have to graduate somewhere other than McMaster because this is something that may prevent me from further studies after my BA. Sadly, this is the price I will permanently pay for daring to expose the truth.
I have to thank all the people who continue to support my cause and me. This is tough and now that I realize how much harm the MSU Inc has been able to inflict and that I will never get a fair hearing, it is tougher.
In other (better) news, I am thinking about taking a course at Mohawk College this coming fall to upgrade my math!