Derek Mellor Police Hearing Moved to Conference Call

Derek Mellor Police Hearing Moved to Conference Call

A scheduled Police Services Act hearing in the Sgt. Derek Mellor case is now being conducted by conference call at 10am today.

Mellor, who plead guilty to nine Police Services Act charges, was scheduled to appear at Central Station for the continuation of his hearings.

Mellor plead guilty to having sexual relations with vulnerable victims of crime whom he was suppose to rescue from sexual exploitation.

Instead, he preyed upon them in one of the worst betrayals of trust in our City’s recent history. Susan Clairmont’s column from February explains just how devastating his misconduct is upon our City’s most exploited and victimized residents: Cop preyed on the women he was supposed to rescue.

Mellor’s lawyer stated in February, when he plead guilty, that Mellor will try to remain a police officer.