Dianne Feinstein (D-California) Speech at Solidarity With Israel Rally

Probably one of the best speeches (in terms of depth and delivering a point) I have heard since the terrorist organization Hezbollah attacked Israeli soldiers capturing/kidnapping (seems to depend on your point of view) two starting the most recent crisis in the Middle East:

It is worth noting that Dianne Feinstein is on the left wing of the Democratic Party. Considering how strong words in support of Israel, this is an interesting juxtaposition. She has done a better job of speaking in support of Israel than any of the neo-cons.
France has proposed a good ceasefire with a plan for preventing more attacks by Hezbollah which has now fired over 1500 missiles into Israel since the current crisis began.
You can read the AP report here.
I hope that this ceasefire is imposed immediately! This ceasefire is fair to Israel and imposes a solution to the current crisis that will not result in Israel occupying Southern Lebanon and does not allow a terrorist organization that is merely a proxy for Syria and Iran to occupy Southern Lebanon either.
I found this image to be worth a thousand words. It is of the Israel strikes in Beirut:
Let me be clear: I am not happy with the current situation. I am pissed off that so many civilians have died on both sides. I am especially pissed off that a Canadian UN Observer is presumed dead. I want to see this madness end sooner rather than later.