Does he get credit for trying?

A former1 University of New Brunswick engineering student will be enjoying plenty of time at home to study during the next year after being sentenced to one year of house arrest.

The Times & Transcriptreports William Mulewa, 26, plead guilty to a count of uttering a forged document and was sentenced on that count on several others. His other offences include two counts of driving while prohibited, one count of assaulting a police officer, and one count of property damage.

That gives you the context of why he scored one year of house arrestnow to the part that makes this story interesting.

The forgery in question was a letter he submitted to the university in an attempt to have an exam rescheduled. The letterhead used was from the police service and the forgery claimed Mulewa was the victim of an assault that the police were investigating.

Crown prosecutor William Corby told the Times & Transcript, “No wonder he has access to the Fredericton city police’s letterhead. He’s dealt with them so many times,” in reference to Mulewa’s ability to forge the letter.


  1. According to UNB, Mulewa is not registered at the university and is a former student.