Douglas Student Union put in receivership

According to a comment on my blog:

DSU has been put in Receivership. A judge appointed receiver to the DSU yesterday January 10, 2006. Marnie Jensen, a UVIC student union manager, will not become an officer of the court as the receiver, and will be in this position until the DSU is in compliance with legislation.
It was an odd moment, as all lawyers in attendance, were all in agreement that there should be a receiver appointed. Douglas College wanted and independent receiver appointed, they suggested Deloitte & Touche, the lawyers representing the DSU and CFS said they agreed only if it was Marnie Jensen, and the CUPE lawyer just stated they wanted a receiver, they didn’t have preference on who it was.
I guess we’ll see if there will be bias shown, and we’ll see if the the DSU will continue in the same manner it is.