Eisenberger for Mayor!

UPDATE SEPT 22 ’06: You may be looking for Fred’s Campaign website, it is here: http://www.fredformayor.ca/. I believe that Mr. Eisenberger is the best choice for Mayor.
You can read my original post below:
From Today’s Spectator:

Hamilton may end up with a real mayor’s race after all.
Fred Eisenberger is seriously pondering taking on Mayor Larry Di Ianni in this fall’s municipal election.
The former chair of the port authority and previous mayoral candidate says it’s no secret he’s interested in the job.
“It’s something I want to do, and I have aspired to do,” Eisenberger said.
“I’m passionate about public policy and I’m passionate about the direction of the city.”
And, as the November election draws closer, Eisenberger says more and more people are asking him about running.

Eisenberger, running on a shoestring budget of about $80,000, placed third behind winner Bob Wade and runner-up Bob Morrow in the hotly contested 2000 mayoral race

Prior to running for mayor in 2000, Eisenberger represented Ward 5 in east Hamilton for nine years, during which time he developed a reputation as a sharp and issue-oriented politician, if something of a lone wolf.

I voted for Eisenberger in 2000. He is an amazing man and independent of developers and the other individuals that have run this city into the ground. Eisenberger already has my vote if he runs and my support if I can find time to volunteer!