Election Thoughts Eight

Ward Four Poll (Ottawa to the Red Hill Creek) – unsure which poll it is. Generally an area with lower voter turnout despite higher population density. Depends on where the poll is. If it is in the southwest of the ward, it could be a DiIanni favouring poll. If it is on the east side of the Ward, it is an Eisenberger leaning poll.
Ward Five Poll (Red Hill / Eastgate / Rosedale area) – Eisenberger very popular here. The higher voter turnout in the poll the better for Fred. Home ward for Fred. If this is poll six (Glendale), then it will be a poll he will win by a large margin and is a good voter turnout poll.
Ward Nine Poll – I correct myself. Nine is lower Stoney Creek. DiIanni is strong here but if this poll to report is around Eastgate, then it will be a split. If it is further into Stoney Creek then it is DiIanni’s.
Ward Eleven (Glanbrook) – suburban to rural. Should go to DiIanni. There are areas close to his base and where he lives.
Ward Fourteen (Flamborough) – suburban to rural, based on demographics should go to DiIanni but I do not know the area well.