Elections Thoughts Part One

I voted.
Yet voting was not as simple as it is seemed. The actual act of voting was very easy. I knew what I was doing, of course.
The tough part was how it affected me. It was strange. I voted for Eisenberger and it felt like 2000 to me. That was when my name was on the ballot. Then it truly hit me, because of school I am on the sidelines in the peanut gallery for the next four years.
It really hit me. I was a bit surprised. I thought that the difficulty of deciding not to run was behind me. I really wanted to run for Trustee in my home ward. The problem being that my home ward is on the opposite side of the city from the University. I could not do it because of the constant travel between school and the ward. One of the two would have to suffer. I cannot allow my schooling to suffer and it would be very wrong to run knowing that I could not give my all to my ward. That is why I did not run. I thought the tough part was when I decided in August I could not run. Then there was nomination deadline, that made it official – I was not running. Tonight it really hit me for some reason.
Anyway, good news so far:
Number of Polls 206
Polls Reporting 63 30.6 %
Michael J. BALDASARO 1177 4.14%
Larry DiIANNI 11858 41.75%
Fred EISENBERGER 12140 42.75%
Diane ELMS 2343 8.25%
Steve LEACH 317 1.12%
Gino SPEZIALE 294 1.04%
Martin S. ZULINIAK 271 0.95%