Emails and Comments

Alright, I clearly have to explain some simple points. First- comments should be on the post, not whatever has you pissed off today. I have been getting a lot of nasty comments. You do not like me, great, let me know… do not expect my newspaper article page to become your own “I hate Joey” wall.

In terms of email, I get dozens of emails every day. I read everyone of them. I do not have time to reply to most. Sorry, but that is just the way it is. In terms of wanting to let me know how I am out to destroy society, please take a number and get in line.

For people at McMaster, I will be setting up “office hours” in the near future. I will be setting aside two hours on Monday or Tuesday to talk with people. I am more than interested in hearing your point of view.

Here is another tip, if you are trying to make a point or change my mind on a topic, please cite academic research or a really good book. I received an email this week completely disagreeing with one of my recent writings. The person who wrote it told me what she disagreed, asked me how I came to my opinion, and then gave me some suggested readings. I am going to read her suggested books later this summer. I am always looking to absorb more knowledge and love reading.