End SAC (UTSU) Facebook Group

A source sent me a link to take a look at Facebook group on the University of Toronto FBnetwork.  The group is called “End SAC”. This group is one of the organizing points for the recent counterprotest during the CFS Day of Action activities in Toronto.  The group counts over 290 members.

This compared to a 145 members for the Facebook global group: The Canadian Federation of Students hates students. (Disclosure: I am a member of said group and have a cool officer title there as well)

On the topic of Facebook groups; here is an small but active group that just began at SFU: SFU Senate and BoG Report.  The group was created by Derrick Harder, SFSS President, to reach out to students at SFU in regards to Senate and BoG issues.  Right now, there are only 8 members!  All of them, like me, are political addicts.  I figure that having a nice sized readership at SFU, they would find the existence of this group useful.

Here are more groups:
“Canadian Federation of Students” Facebook Group;
“Freeze Ontario Tuition” Group;
“Students Against Tuition Increases” Group;
“RSU (Ryerson Students’ Union) Watch” Group;
“University of Manitoba Students’ Union” Group (Disclaimer: I formed this group awhile ago and am a member);
“FUCK the CFS” Group;
“Newt Gingrich for BUSU CFS Liaison” Group (Weird, but funny);
“Students for Accountability in BUSU” Group;

Anymore?  How about funny ones related to SU politics?

Now, I know someone is thinking of commenting that I do not have any other SU groups including (potentially) pro-SAC/pro-CFS groups.  I do not have time to find everything, hence…. comment away.  What Facebook groups are out there?