Exams before 1300 should be banned!

I have to write an exam at 1000 this morning. This is not too bad except for the fact that there is no breakfast served here so I am going to be writting this on an empty stomach. This is the only doctoral university in Canada that does not serve a proper breakfast. All we get is re-warmed hard boiled eggs, muffins and danishes, oh ya Cold Cereal as well. This is not a proper breakfast and definitely fall below what other universities serve. All this for the incredible price of $7.50! I used to be able to get a great hot breakfast at this restaurant called Deno’s in Hamilton for $3.26. I cannot wait till I am back in Hamilton and I can have breakfast there. It is so friggin annoying that it is not funny. This is why I exams should not be until the afternoon when students have had something to eat.