Exclusive: Copy of MSU Employment Policy for Regular Employees

I have obtained from an anonymous source the MSU Employment Policy for Regular Employees. Even members of the Legislative Branch of the MSU; the SRA are not allowed to see this document. For reasons that will be clear when I post recent events at the MSU tomorrow afternoon, this is an important document for students and even SRA members to see and be familar with.
I expect the MSU Board of Directors (Presidents and appointed Vice-Presidents) to quickly file charges with the University tomorrow morning for my posting of this document. I have read the document and as a member of the MSU Bylaws Committee, I find no justification in the public MSU bylaws for the hiding of this document from members of the SRA or the MSU membership.
There is going to be plenty of debate about this policy in the next couple of days, it is “fair domain” that students be allowed to see it.
MSU Employment Policy for Regular Employees (PDF VERSION)
Word Format Version – great for SRA members who wish to highlight the document.
Again thanks to my anonymous source. You have done a great service to the SRA and members of the MSU. Without this document, we would be unable to figure out what is the truth.