Executive director of part-time students union makes sunshine list at $126,151.99

The executive director of McMaster University’s part-time student union made $126,151.99 in salary for 2011.

The figure is revealed as part of the annual sunshine list released by the provincial government Friday.

Similar to all other student associations in the province, the McMaster Association of Part-time Students (MAPS) is not covered by the sunshine list. MAPS pays its executive director via McMaster University and McMaster is required to disclosure all those with T4s issued by the university over $100,000 for 2011.

McMaster’s website states the part-time enrolment was 2881 in 2010/11. MAPS, the McMaster Association of Part-Time Students, also represents continuing education students.

MAPS does “advocacy” and “representation” of part-time students. They do not operate any businesses or other non-service operations.