Federal Election I: the post which I can’t think of a title

Stephen Harper has decided were going to have an election; the law be damned.

I’m not going to hide my excitement about the election; After all, I’m majoring in political science for a reason; I love politics.

I’ve already decided which of my local candidates I’m voting for and want to vote by special ballot at the earliest opportunity. I wanted to use the special ballot option last election as well. The challenge I face is that my local Elections Canada office is not located in the urban area of my riding.

Instead of being near the major population centres of the riding, it’s located in the small outlining community of Rockton, Ontario. I do not drive a vehicle and cannot access the returning office.

Last election, I was told it was my responsibility to find a method to attend the returning office if I wanted to vote by special ballot.

I asked if they would set up at McMaster University to allow students to use the special ballot, the answer was no.

For all the talk I hear from Elections Canada about increasing youth voter turnout; I have yet to see any action on the part of Elections Canada.

How hard is it to actually be accessible?