Feeling better today

Today’s a good day. I haven’t really said that for a few weeks. I always feel exhausted during the January – February stretch.

This year, I decided I would not engage in any travel during the month of February and this has helped greatly.

Tonight, I’m going for dinner with two business friends prior to taking in the James Street North (Hamilton) Art Crawl. It should be a great evening.

I’m also going to work on my Valentine’s Day post for my personal blog. While I’m officially single this year, I feel very positive about this holiday. I think about many of the great people I’ve dated over the years and how lucky I’ve been to have them in my life.

This last year has been a trail in my dating life, but I’ve discovered just how lucky I am to be friends with all but one of my former girlfriends – despite the fact that two of them really enjoy snatching true love from my hands, stop stealing my Blackberry! You know who you are.