Finally, the Unions Have a Cause!

While, the unions have found a cause. Protecting lazy workers who steal money from companies by leaving work early and getting their union buddies to falsify documents to make it appear they were at work the whole time. I have always wondered why it takes forever to get baggage when I fly Air Canada but it is quick when I take WestJet. Simple, Air Canada has a union with members that are not staying at work.
Air Canada’s union decided to have an illegal wildcat strike last night. While, I will never book with Air Canada again, I cannot risk have what happened last night happen to me. This is the moment that the life-support was unplugged on the airline. The union should have been smarter. Sure, Air Canada told them can no longer get paid for not working but pretty soon they will no longer get paid because they will be out of work.
From the Globe and Mail:

Unionized ground crew complained about the disciplinary letter from Michael Welch, Air Canada’s general manager at the Toronto airport.
“During the holiday season, we received several reports of card-swipe abuse on the part of aircraft services employees,” he wrote. “Following a thorough investigation, it was determined that some employees were fraudulently abusing the time and attendance system by swiping out other employees while others were violating established company policies regarding time and attendance.”
Mr. Welch warned that workers “found to have been profiting or stealing time from the company will be suspended pending termination.”