Finding time for my website

One of the great regrets I have about my website is that I can never find time to work on the design and scripting of it.

This domain was once cutting edge – a century ago on the Internet back in 2007 before my recruitment by Maclean’s.

It’s amazing how much PHP and HTML have changed in even the last year.

Thankfully, my move into open data journalism means my journalism and scripting is finally converging allowing me to overlay web design with my writing.

As my regular readers, who bless your hearts have remained with me for years, have noticed, I’m playing with my server again.

Watch for (sadly without an API for now) to appear shortly as I work to organize the piles of data I’m producing.

After two years of drifting, with the exception of last summer when I was covering my hometown at The Spectator, I’m finally reconciling my passion for journalism with the need to regulate that passion.

Most important, I’ve really found that passion again. I don’t know if I’ll go back to two or three stories a day plus a few blog posts. At the least, I’m going to be back to two-to-three good stories a week with many blog posts between.

I’m starting with short posts and maps for now. (The maps can be time-consuming)