FLASH: Joey Hansen Breaks Silence

Joey Hansen has published an open letter to the student body at Douglas College.
It is available on the website of The Other Press which seems to have finally discovered the issue going on at DSU.
An Open Letter To The Student Body written by Joey Hansen, DSU Employee
Since I do not want to join the list of entities being sued, I am going to keep my comments to a minimum on this development. I will see that the letter confirms that* Global News *and *The Peak *are both being sued by Mr. Hansen as I have reported in previous posts.
Further to this story, The Other Press is acknowledging their lack of coverage of the DSU situation in a “Lettitor”:

We’ve taken a little heat in recent weeks for not doing enough DSU related coverage. Let me assure you that the DSU is our top coverage priority right now, but we prefer to cover actual developments rather than constant conjecture. Rest assured The Other Press will keep you informed of any developments that take place in coming weeks.