Fond or not so fond memories

I went for coffee last week with a person that lived in the same residence as me at the University of Manitoba. During our conversation, we discussed memories of living on-campus at the university.

I spoke about how greatly I enjoy my summer trips to the campus each year. I have very fond memories of the time I spent at St. John’s College.

She, on the other hand, does not have fond memories of her time at the university. She was a member of another college and . Our experiences were different , but it made me think about the university experience and how memories of the experience are so subjective.

Another friend of mine attended McMaster University for her undergraduate degree and the University of Manitoba for her graduate degree. She loves McMaster University, but doesn’t think fondly of UManitoba.

I, on the otherhand, am not too fond of McMaster and have great memories of the UManitoba college system.