Food Services - The Latest Updates

I will be holding another consultation information session on Wednesday March 23, 2005 in the Council Chambers (basement of the Helen Glass Nursing Building). The meeting that I posted about below on March 29th is a closed-door meeting. Students from the residences will be represented by their UMSU reps.
The following individuals will be representing Students:
The UMSU Councillors for:
Arthur Mauro Residence
Speechly/Tache Hall Residence
St. Andrew’s College (myself)
University College Residence
The UMSU President Elect
The Ad-Hoc Food Services Lobbying Committee Chairperson (if the chair-nominate is approved, the person is a resident of Tache Hall)
The UMSU Student Affairs Committe Chair (a resident of St. John’s College)
We will be preparing for this meeting on the weekend of the 19/20th and will have a clear position when we meet with Administration. I will post a report to my website the evening following the meeting.
The Executive Committee of UMSU will be meeting on the 14th and will recommend to Council the formation of the Ad-Hoc Food Service Lobbying Committee. The Motion will be brought forth to Council on the 17th and I expect that it will pass without any opposition.
I strongly encourage and ask that Resident Students come out to the Council Meeting on the 17th. It will be held in the Council Chambers at 6:30pm. This may be the single vote that has the largest effect on Resident Students made in the history of UMSU.
The Committee will be formed immediately following the vote. I plan to have the committee meet by the end of March.
I am very excited by the grassroots response that I have received. If we as Students remain united and focused on our goal of a not-for-profit Food Services Department, we will make the University of Manitoba the best University to attend in Canada!
Now the 36 dollar dinners, RSAC is tracking all expenses related to the Dinner in Pembina Hall and the social afterwards in McLuhan Hall (the former Beausejour Room). Following the cost-capture of this event, the RSAC member will bring forth a motion that I will second at Council to demand the University return the money that they are overcharging Resident Students and follow University Policy which is that all Student Groups are charged the Special Functions Menu price discounted 10%.
On a final note,
It is good to see that Administration has finally started on the Students part of the President’s seventh priority for the year.
On the same note, we must continue to plan, organize, and execute direct action on behalf of our issues.
I will post the University President’s Office Hours as soon as they are made public. I expect they will be public as of March 10th.