Four More Years! Four More Years!

While, President Bush has won. Not only has he won but it was a complete and total victory for him. The Democrats are properly wondering what went wrong? John Kerry, a rich aristocratic botox filled LIBERAL that is what went wrong plus John Edwards who is an ambulance chaser!*
If the Democrats actually wanted to win, they would have made Wesley Clark there candidate. Like the Publican’s, they skipped over a real and smart leader for the money boy. I refer to the Publicians choosing Bush over John McCain.
Some links: Wesley Clark’s Ad – Very Effective to reach young voters
This is the most funny clip from the entire election!
Very funny
Daily Show Clips:
The Heywood Jablowme Clip
This is not for any purpose other than to let a friend of mine who is a fan of this actress, this person knows who they are
Okay this blog is just getting silly now:

Miss Piggy on the Daily Show!

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  • These details were unpalatable to a large segment of the American population – politics is about image and these two were projecting the wrong one.