Freelancing with

A few astute followers of my journalism noted a Google Map showing the location of vacant buildings in Hamilton on a few weeks ago and enquired if I was back at The Spectator.

I’ve been working on a freelance basis for their website the last two Saturdays updating wire content, moving the position of articles, and a few other tasks.

It’s a decent arrangement for both parties. I’m well compensated for my work and line-up of stories is kept fresh throughout the day.

The extra funds are allowing me to invest in the equipment I’m using to cover Hamilton events on my own during the week.

It’s a win-win.

The best part, I work from home. No need to brave the elements.

I’ll be freelancing for again this Saturday. If you see any interesting wire stories (Canadian Press, Associated Press, New York Times etc.) let me know.

*It should go without saying: my arrangement with is freelance, the views and analysis offered on my personal website are in no way necessarily reflective of the views of *