Full Audio: Anthony Marco's lovehate podcast 196: Of Wiki Bibles and Burning Beiber Books

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The Ontario Liberal Party is demanding the NDP dump their candidate in Niagara West-Glanbrook for comments had made on his podcast claiming that Marco failed to condemn Nazism.

Mr. Marco was discussing the Dove World Quran-burning controversy in the podcast.

The NDP is standing by their candidate and released the following transcript of the section of the podcast in question.

For the most part, I would never advocate burning books. When I read a book, as bad as the book is, I’m the type of person that wouldn’t throw books away, I’ve got books all over the place, maybe I should throw books away, but I don’t throw them away.

But there are a couple that I would suggest burning, and it’s not even from an ideological perspective. Like “oh, burn stuff by Adolph Hitler…” Whatever.  If you want to read that stuff, read that stuff. For some people the old politics of Nazi Germany might be their religion. And just as I can’t condemn other people’s religion, I can’t, I don’t agree with them, but you can’t stop somebody from believing in something. And to bash your head against the wall trying, is not their fault, it’s your fault.  You’re the one who is pretty messed up if you’re going to devote your entire life to trying to convince somebody not to believe what they believe.

So, If you’re going to be burning books over the next little while, here’s what I suggest you do: Just sit back, don’t burn any books for a while.  Get a real book hate-on. Just envision, nothing on the cover, just a book, generic book, no title, no picture, and think of the fire burning.

And now what I want you to do is as you see that fire burning, I want an image to come to your mind on the cover of that book.  And not just that book but a stack of them, a hundred books, a thousand books, all stacked up in a pile, all burning a la Fahrenheit 451, and every single copy is burning in the flames and pieces of charred paper are flying off into the atmosphere, endangering other people’s households, I want you to look at the cover of that book, and all of those books, with exactly the same cover and I want you to see… Justin Bieber’s autobiography.

If you want something to burn, and feel good about it, burn Bieber’s book.

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Here is the full podcast to allow you to listen to the comments in their full context:

[audio:http://blog.joeycoleman.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/lovehate196.mp3|titles=Anthony Marco’s lovehate podcast 196: Of Wiki Bibles and Burning Beiber Books] This posting of the complete audio file is done due to a public interest in knowing the full context of a audio broadcast which is the subject of a political election campaign. To solely pick out sections of the recording is to not serve the public interest in deciding for themselves of the merits of the candidate’s statements.