General Issues Committee - Development Charges [Replay]

Council meets as GIC today and they’ll have to decide on a delegation request from Norm Dorr, father-in-law of the late Steve Mesic, to address them on June 18th in regards to lapel cameras for police officers.

After this, the big item of the day will be the 2014 Development Charges study – which recommends decreasing the taxpayer subsidy to new home builders. At present, the City charges $6137 per single family home in DCs. Staff proposed increasing this fee to $9008 per home – still subsidizing over 25% of the cost of development – and have decreased the proposal to $8545. The Hamilton-Halton Home Builders Association is opposed to the increase.

The highway sign is back on the agenda, with some tweaks to decrease costs, and Ward 1 Participatory Budgeting items will be approved.

Live video and audio starts at 9:30am.

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