General Issues Committee for August 11, 2014 [Development Charges Appeal, New Dev at 547 King East, Garbage Tags, and Ward 1 Area Rating Projects]

General Issues Committee for August 11, 2014 [Development Charges Appeal, New Dev at 547 King East, Garbage Tags, and Ward 1 Area Rating Projects]

Update: The meeting lasted less than 17 minutes after the Education Development Charges appeal was dropped due to settlement reached over the weekend. None of the items on the agenda were debated and all were passed.
One additional item of note: Council voted to purchase the former Prince Phillip and Winona Public School sites.

Council’s August General Issues Committee meeting is short on agendas item, but big on complexity with a rare appeal of Education Development Charges, a housekeeping approval of tax incentives for a new development at King and Tisdale, Garbage Tags, and Ward 1 Area Rating on the agenda.

Live video starts at 9:30am Monday.

The full agenda is on the City’s website. (Warning: Not AODA complaint or mobile-friendly)

Development Charges Review

Full Story: Retirement Suites Developer Appeals Educational Development Charges

Are retirement suites units residential or non-residential for the purposes of Education Development Charges (EDCs)?

This is the question which City Council must decide Monday as a retirement village developer appeals the definition of residential the Catholic School Board uses to determine development charges.

If successful, the developer of the 192 retirement suites will save $114,870.66 in development charges on the new village planned at 1620 Upper Wentworth Street.

Under the Education Act (257.85), the local school boards set their development charges and definitions, but appeals of Board decisions are heard by City Council with the option of appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Tax Incentives for 547 King Street East

Full Story: $73,194.55 in Tax Incentives for 547 King Street East

In a housekeeping vote, City Council will approve a $73,194.55 tax incentive grant for a new live/work condominium development at 547 King Street East.

The City’s tax incentive program gives a develop a discount on tax increases for five years after a substantial development on a property which generates increased tax revenue for the City. The discount does not include increases to education property taxes.

Garbage Tags

Full Story: Hamilton’s Waste Diversion Rate Worsens

[![Hamilton Garbage Bins (Wayne MacPhail photo /](]( Garbage Bins (Wayne MacPhail photo /
Nothing gets City Council queasy like garbage.

The City’s Glanbrook landfill has a limited life span, the cost of garbage management is increasing, and the only way to tackle the problem is to decrease the amount of garbage being generated.

There’s only one problem – limiting garbage pick-up is believed to be unpopular and Councillors want to get re-elected.

A staff update on the garbage tag program finds it is worsening Hamilton’s waste diversion problem and not having a direct impact on illegal dumping.

Ward One Area Rating Projects

Councillor McHattie is funding a new HSR bus shelter across from the Innovation Park, $55,000 towards the new Raoul Wallenberg Walkway and Garden in Churchill Park, and a $54,000 wildlife barrier on the west side of Cootes Drive from the Spencer Creek to McMaster University.