GIC for Sept 5 2013: Two-way bike lanes on Cannon and new Scott Park High School

It’s a big day for City Council as they hold their first General Issues Committee meeting of the fall term.

Huge items on the agenda today include:

  • The proposed Scott Park / Stadium high school project – Council is being asked to spend $17-million today. There is no MOU or detailed plans on the table; and the proposal is to take money from the Future Fund to pay for the unbudgeted expense.
  • Two-way bike lane pilot on Cannon – Councillor Farr is moving a motion to install two-way bike lanes on Cannon Street

Other items on the agenda include:

  • Auchmar Estate
  • Sale of 241 Stuart Street to CN Rail
  • BIA Advisory Committee recommendations

There are 7 delegations today on Cannon Street, Jimmy Thompson Pool, and Canadian Comedy Hall of Fall.

Consent items are straight-forward today and shouldn’t spark debate.

There are two closed session items

Full Agenda

Items of Wider Interest
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Public Delegations

Delegation requests

Consent Items

Discussion Items

Closed Session