Give Dr. William Ayers due process #cdnpse

Dr. William Ayers blocked from Canada

Dr. Bill Ayers is not welcome in Canada – that’s the message the federal government is sending his lawyers.

Dr. Ayers, a recently retired Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is invited to speak in Toronto on Thursday to an academic conference.

Mr. Ayers, the 60s radicial

He is also an infamous American left-wing 1960s radical who co-founded the defunct domestic terrorist group Weather Underground.

Weather Underground conducted a campaign of bombing and terror during the last 1960s and early 70s. Dr. Ayers was charged for his activities. Prosecutorial misconduct resulted in the charges against Dr. Ayers being dropped.

Dr. Ayers is a noted scholar on the subject of elementary school reform and was invited to speak in his academic capacity.

Detained by Canadian authorities at the airport

In 2009, Dr. Ayers was detained at Toronto Island Airport when he tried to enter Canada to speak at the University of Toronto.

The Canadian government never stated why they refused Dr. Ayers entry. His terrorist past is the likely reason that he has been turned away on numerous occasions when trying to cross the border.

Dr. Ayers’ lawyers have tried since 2009 to gain an explanation from the Canadian government and working to secure passage for Dr. Ayers across our border.

Today, OCUFA issued a news release stating Ayers is not able to speak in Toronto due to the border issue.

Should Dr. Ayers be allowed to speak in Toronto?

Yes – he’s no threat to the Canadian public. He was not convicted of any terrorism offenses – again due to prosecutorial misconduct – and has become a contributing member of American society.

The Canadian government is able to legally bar Dr. Ayers – this is not in dispute. The Canadian government cannot be allowed able to bar him without informing him of the reason and allowing for Dr. Ayers to appeal.

Dr. Ayers is entitled to due process. We are a society of free and democratic ideals – we must live up to them.