Global News Coverage of the Douglas Students' Union (CFS Local 18) Situation

I have obtained copies of Global New coverage of the DSU situation. The reports are newsworthy. This is why I am posting them. The audit that occurred raised serious questions.
It may not, however, have provided all the answers. I say this because Joey Hanson (who appears to be in the centre of the situation) has filed various lawsuits and court cases. He states there are inaccuracies within the report. I do not have his legal briefs. If they become public, I will definitely post them. I caution people to keep in mind that since it is before the courts, one must give Mr. Hanson the benefit of due process and have an open mind about the possibilities of inaccuracies until such time as the courts clarify the matter.

The Global News Coverage is as follows:
The original story from Canwest Global 2006: Global BC News, Thursday October 19th, 2006 – Marisa Taylor Thomas reporting:

Reports are that a lawsuit was filed against Canwest Global two hours prior to this report.
This will be a story I intend to follow.
I have closed comments on this post as comments are not “fair dealing” as comments are not coverage of this news story.
I have also closed trackbacks, I have no intention of getting caught in any legal situation. I am merely reporting on a developing story and providing a news commentary based on the information that is out.
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