Hamilton Board of Health for December 2, 2013 [Replay]

[module type=”aside” width=”half” align=”right”]**BOARD OF HEALTH AGENDA** [Monday, December 2, 2014](http://www.hamilton.ca/CityDepartments/CorporateServices/Clerks/AgendaMinutes/BoardOfHealth/2013/December2BoardofHealth.htm)

6.1 Retirement Homes Act, 2010 Implications Update (BOH13044)

6.2 Healthy Babies Healthy Children Budget (BOH13009(a))

6.3 Community Food Security Stakeholder Advisory Committee – Minutes – October 2, 2013

8.1 Air Quality Task Force Action Plan (BOH13029)

**9.1 Prohibiting Smoking Within City Parks and Recreation Properties: Schedule Update (BOH07034(h))

10.1 Strategies to Address Cancer

13.1 Performance Review – Public Health Services Management Team

Council meets as Board of Health today to consider a plan to better monitor Hamilton’s local air quality as Public Health works to address the problem that leads to 186 premature deaths, and over 700 hospital admissions per year.

Also on today’s agenda, a motion to research what the City can do about the Cancer crisis in our poorest neighbourhoods. Councillor Brian McHattie is moving a motion in response to a recent series on the problem by The Hamilton Spectator