Hamilton City Council for January 11, 2011 (12-001)

Apologies to my readers for the shortness and lateness of this post. Swamped with open data emails this week.

Hamilton City Council is holding their first meeting of 2012 tonight.

The Agenda is available on the City website here: AGENDA
The live video stream (and archive afterwards) of the meeting is here: VIDEO

I’ll be posting the entire agenda, with links and background links, to my site shortly and will be doing so for all future City Council and committee meetings. My New Year’s Resolutions include improving the civic discourse and coverage of civic government by providing comprehensive coverage of local government.

Following the meeting, I’ll host a Google+ video chat. Please visit my Twitter feed for that link when posted after the meeting.

Below is a live discussion box. It will automatically pull in any tweet with the hashtag #YHMgov