Hamilton City Council Meeting April 10, 2013 [replay]

Hamilton City Council Meeting April 10, 2013 [replay]

Hamilton City Council meets at 5pm today to ratify the 2013 City budget and vote on a new transit fare parity policy.

Livestream at 5pm

2013 Budget

The 2013 Budget is coming in with a 1.9 percent property tax increase, approximately $60 per household in the city. The impact will vary across different regions of the city due to area rating. Those numbers are not yet available.

HSR Fare Parity

Councillors will vote on a new fare policy for persons with physical disabilities that will change the “voluntary pay” policy into a no-charge policy for those with wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. Four-pronged canes will no longer be exempt from paying fare as of June 1st.

Don Hull, director of transit, states the change is a justifiable accommodation for those who need to board HSR buses by the rear door.

CNIB cardholders will continue to use transit at no-charge as well. Hull notes that for many of the citizens covered by this policy, the mechanisms of paying fare pose a barrier to using the transit system.

The new HSR fare structure will be carried over to DARTS – the city’s specializated transit services for those requiring more assistance to use transit services.

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