Hamilton Library and Free Civic Museum Passes - A Musing

It's not a new program, just one I've actually really taken note of this morning. My musing here isn't to the newsworthiness of The Public Record.

I noted the Hamilton Library catalogue's option to check out a free family pass for Hamilton's civic museums for a two week period.

All 70 passes are presently checked out, and there is a waiting list of over 120 to get a pass.

I love the access this free pass grants, and having the program administered by the Library is much more efficient than an application or culture department regulated program.

Considering its popularity, I wonder, does it make sense to drop the costs of admission to the civic museums further?

I thought a bit on this, and I cannot see any means of doing so that wouldn't spark a budget debate - and I doubt voluntary donations will collect anywhere near as much revenue.

This is a good program, its working, and I like the efficiency. If you are reading this, and haven't gone to a civic museum before, go over to the Library and place a "hold" on a pass.