Hamilton Planning Committee for January 14, 2014 [Replay]

The first Planning Committee meeting of 2014 is a light agenda with no controversial items or disputed developments on the agenda.

Many items are housekeeping in nature, with one new residential sub-division, a new Glanbrook church, listing a Stoney Creek property as a building of heritage interest, and selling property to the RBG on the agenda.
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4.1 Delegation Request from Bertin respecting public transit for MLE Officers

5.1 Hamilton Historical Board Minutes
(i) October 15, 2013
(ii) November 19, 2013
5.2 Request to Include 1 Jones Street, (Stoney Creek) in the Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest, Under the Ontario Heritage Act
5.3 Divesting of City-Owned Properties in Pleasant View (Dundas)
5.4 Prohibition of Boa Constrictors

6.1 Application for an Amendment to City of Hamilton Zoning By-law No. 6593 for Lands Located at 981 – 985 King Street West
6.2 Application for an Amendment to Township of Glanbrook Zoning By-law No. 464 for the Lands Located at 1660 Hall Road
6.3 Applications to Amend the Urban Hamilton Official Plan, Zoning By-law No. 464, Zoning By-law No. 05-200, and for Approval of a Draft Plan of Subdivision, “Fairgrounds West”, for Lands Located at 3450 Binbrook Road
6.4 Application for an Amendment to Glanbrook Zoning By-law No. 464 to Permit a Place of Worship for Lands Located at 3075 Tisdale Road, Glanbrook

8.1 Hamilton Municipal Heritage Report 13-007
8.2 Hamilton Municipal Heritage Report 13-008
8.3 Amendment to Site Plan Control By-law No. 03-294, as Amended by By-law No. 08-298

The meeting will begin with a delegation requesting the City’s bylaw officers be required to only use public transit to get to calls. The delegate, “Bertin”, says this will save money as officers will no longer require vehicles with their associated costs.

On the consent agenda, Committee is being asked to add a residential building at 1 Jones Street in Stoney Creek to the heritage registry. The building was once owned by the Jones, one of Stoney Creek’s earliest families.

Staff are also seeking permission to start the process of selling city property in Pleasant View to the RBG.

Public hearings today include allowing, formally, a dance studio in Westdale at King and Marion, a new 238 unit sub-division in Glanbrook, and a new church in rural Glanbrook.