Police Budget GIC

Police Budget GIC

Hamilton’s Chief of Police Glenn De Caire will present his 2013 budget request to City Council today at 1:30 p.m.

He was originally requesting a 5.25% increase, he is now requesting 3.71% after deferring spending during the year.

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The 2013 police budget has been very divisive, with a public outcry against the original 5.25% resulting in rumbles from Council they will not approve the budget. The request was dropped to 4.75%, then 3.9%, and now 3.71%.

A status-quo budget for the police service is 3.62% due to collective agreements.

Does 3.71% pass City Council on Thursday?

The Chief has been a regular presence at City Hall, meeting individually with councillors in their offices to encourage them to support his budget request.

Councillor Terry Whitehead who, along with Bernie Morelli and Mayor Bob Bratina, is one of three members of Council on the Police Services Board remains opposed to the budget.

Councillor Morelli is opposed as well. Mayor Bratina voted in favour.

Whitehead says approving the 21 new hires proposed by the Chief will transfer the 5.25% increase to 2014. He says the Chief has not made any cuts to the original request, just defers the costs.

If Council votes down the police budget, the matter is likely to go to independent arbitration.