Hamilton Police Chief De Caire Not Able to Seek Toronto Position: Terry Whitehead

Hamilton Police Chief De Caire Not Able to Seek Toronto Position: Terry Whitehead

Update 1:Statement from De Caire added to story

There was much speculation about Hamilton Chief of Police Glenn De Caire’s motivations for announcing in September 2013 he would not seek a second term.

DeCaire in his Office

A Toronto Police Service Superintendent before becoming Hamilton’s top cop, one of the many speculations was that he sought the top position in Toronto.

Today, the Toronto Police Services Board announced they will not renew the contract of Toronto’s Chief of Police Bill Blair.

This is sure to give some speculation about the future of De Caire in Hamilton.

Police Services Board member, and City Councillor, Terry Whitehead says it is his understanding the two-year contract extension just granted to De Caire at the June Police Services Board meeting does not enable De Caire to seek employment elsewhere.

So, that is that. De Caire is out of the running for Toronto’s next Chief. It will be fascinating to watch how the next Toronto Chief is selected and who it will be.

July 31, 3pm, the following statement was issued by Glenn De Caire:> “Chief Blair has shown leadership, committment and professionalism to public safety in the City of Toronto as the Chief of Police for the last ten years and has served the people of Toronto for almost 4 decades. Chief Blair has led this nation on critical public safety issues through his hard work with the Ontario and Canadian Associations of Chiefs of Police. I had the honour to serve beside Chief Blair for many years and consider it to have been a professional honour to support his honesty, integrity, dedication and outstanding support for community policing.”

The statement added at the end “The Chief is not going to comment on the pending vacancy of the position of the Chief of Police of the Toronto Police Service.”