Hamilton Police Deny Request for Policy Guiding How Police Investigate Police-Involved Collisions

The Hamilton Police Service is not willing to voluntarily release a policy that guides how they investigation collisions involving police officers.

On September 20, 2013, the Hamilton Police Service were ordered by Justice D.J. Gordon of Superior Court of Justice – Ontario to disclose the document in an ongoing court case involving a Hamilton police officer who was involved in a collision.

In the case, Hamilton Police cannot recall if their investigation found that the officer caused the collision. There is some evidence that the Hamilton police internal investigation found that officer caused the collision.

“There is some evidence from Ms. Cavalluzzo that Detective Sergeant Jarvie had recommended that Officer Gates be charged. This is not denied,” wrote Justice Gordon.

Publicly, Hamilton Police are not stating who caused the collision that occurred in the intersection of Barton and Wellington Streets on January 17, 2008 between a Hamilton police officer and another vehicle.

“Damage to and/or Collisions Involving Police Vehicles” Police

I requested a copy of the Hamilton Police Services policy “Damage to and/or Collisions Involving Police Vehicles.”

This request has been denied and I’ve been directed to file a freedom of information request if I wish to pursue the document.

I will be filing the request and I will be further investigating this story.