Hamilton Police Services Board - Special Public Hearings on Conductive Energy Weapons [Replay]

The Hamilton Police Services Board is asking the public’s opinion regarding if Hamilton’s front-line Constables should be equipped with conductive energy weapons (commonly referred to as TASERs) as standard issue.

Following the Sammy Yatim police shooting death, the Province changed regulations to allow for Constables to be armed with CEWS.

This came weeks after the shooting death of Steve Mesic in Hamilton, a person who was fighting mental illness when he had a fatal confrontation with two Hamilton Police officers behind his Upper Wentworth and Linc area home.

Neither of the officers were carrying CEWs and a public debate ensued – would Mesic be alive if Hamilton Police officers had the less-lethal force opinion available?

The Registered Speakers

There are 16 registered speakers this evening:

  1. Mr. Michael Thomas, President, Hamilton Police Association
  2. Mr. Larry Pomerantz, Chair, Hamilton Civic League
  3. Dr. Joseph Ferencz
  4. Mr. Stephen Ross, Citizen
  5. Ms. Ana Long, Citizen
  6. Ms. Trish Mills, Citizen
  7. Mr. Paul J. Parkinson, Citizen
  8. Mr. Frank Gotz, Citizen
  9. Mr. Alex Tigchelaar, Citizen
  10. Mr. Norm Dorr, Citizen
  11. Mr. George Zrinscak, Citizen
  12. Mr. Warren Francis, Citizen
  13. Ms. Sharon Dorr, Citizen
  14. Mr. John Wilkinson, Citizen
  15. “A Mom” (wishes to remain anonymous), Citizen
  16. Mr. Jamie Anderson, President, Hamilton Police Senior Officers Association