Hamilton Public Works Committee for June 2, 2014

It should be a quick meeting of the Public Works Committee with a series of housekeeping items, a presentation by Michelle Martin of the Community Access to Transportation project asking for funding, and staffing changes in the Public Works department to focus on the new waterfront development plan.

Live video starts at 9:30am.

Listen Live:

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[module type=”aside” width=”half” align=”right”]**AGENDA** **Consent Items** [5.1](#item51) Deposit of Notice on Title – Affected Properties on Searle Street Related to Access to the Private Garage from Bull’s Lane [5.2](#item52) Delegated Authority for Records of Site Condition

6.1 Michelle Martin, Community Access to Transportation, respecting a City Funded Bus Training Project

Staff Presentations
7.1 Facilities Quality Management Program
7.2 Public Works Staffing Changes

Debate Items
8.1Sanitary and Storm Sewer on Eleanor Avenue

10.1Goodbye Tree in front of 314 East 31st


Bull Lane’s Access Denied for Searle Street Residents

A resident of Searle Street delegated to Council last year to grant access to his garage onto Bull’s Lane.
Bull’s Lane is a municipally maintained private road created to replace Claremont Drive when the Claremont Access was built.
After much research, City staff concluded the agreement creating Bull’s Lane limited access to the roadway to those who lost access during the construction of the Access.
Staff are now reporting back that the City cannot add a statement to the property titles on Searle Street that access will not be permitted or considered in the future.

Community Access to Transportation Delegation

Michelle Martin of Community Access to Transportation is speaking to Councillors to ask for new funding for the program that teaching residents with developmental disabilities how to independently use the City’s public transportation system.

Facilities Quality Management Program

Today’s mystery staff presentation is entitled “Facilities Quality Management Program” which comes with no advance copy or report.

Public Works Staffing Changes

With it being an election year, Council is hesitant for any new staff to be hired.
Public Works management is going to shift funding for vacant positions into new positions for priority projects, with a new Manager of Winter Control begin created, and new positions to manage the planned growth along the Waterfront concentrated at Piers 8 and 9.
One new contract position is being created a Senior Project Manager Design of Waterfront.

Sanitary and Storm Sewer on Eleanor Avenue

The City is installing new sewers at the request of 8 residents and one numbered company, the PW committee will vote on a bylaw to enable the installation at the cost of the requesters and not the City.

Goodbye Tree in front of 314 East 31st

The residents of 314 East 31st Street are asking that the City tree in front of their house be removed due to safety concerns as branches feel in the past.
The Ward Councillor, Ward 6’s Tom Jackson, is moving to remove the tree.