Public Works for June 3, 2013

Hamilton’s Public Works Committee held their first regular meeting for the month of June. It was a quick one with few contenious items.

The Committee had difficulty maintaining quorum with Councillors Duvall and Powers on City business, Councillor McHattie on vacation, and chair of the committee Lloyd Ferguson stepping out to be on 900CHML.  Attending for the entire meeting were Councillors Collins, Jackson, Merulla, and Pasuta. Quorum was lost while Ferguson was on CHML, Ferguson missed the public delegations.

There were two items that sparked debate and three public delegations, including a great presentation by Nicholas Schwetz respecting tree health in downtown Hamilton.

Nicholas Schwetz on the health of downtown trees

Nicholas Schwetz provide a great presentation to PW today on the state of health for downtown trees along Bay Street in the core. Complete with photo evidence and cost-effective strategies for helping our urban core canopy, Schwetz’s presentation was magificent.

If you review any part of the video, Schwetz’s presentation (from to ) is today’s must-view.

On the agenda:

  • 275 King Street West Lane Closure
  • Waste Collection update
  • Public Delegations – one requesting more bike lanes
  • DARTS 2012 deficit (~$50,000)
  • Queen Street South at Stanley Avenue, Left Turn Restriction

(Full Agenda on

Public Delegations

We have three delegations today:

  • Katherine J. Menyes, Director of Watershed Management Services, Conservation Halton, respecting Conservation Halton’s Watershed Report Card;
  • Nicholas Schwetz respecting tree health in downtown Hamilton; and
  • Bruce Panagapko respecting the addition of more bike lanes

275 King Street West

Denis Vranich, owner of 275 King Street West, says his project will be complete sometime in June and will no longer need to use the closed lane of King Street for storage and equipment.
The lane was originally closed out of concerns about the structural stability of Mr. Vranich’s building.
The closure has been an avoidance to many and a concern brought forth at Council numerous times by Ancaster Councillor Lloyd Ferguson.
The City continues to work on a road closure policy for construction activities.

Waste Collection

Today’s update is not expected to include any recommendations.

DARTS 2012 deficit

The City’s Accessible Transportation Service DARTS went overbudget by $50,927 in 2012.

Queen Street South at Stanley Avenue, Left Turn Restriction

The 18-month pilot rush hour left turn restriction is nearly complete. Staff are recommending the restriction continues pending further studies of traffic patterns in the neighbourhood.