Hamilton Tiger-Cats to make announcement at Chamber of Commerce

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be speaking at Hamilton’s Chamber of Commerce later this morning.

The Tiger-Cats comments today will be the first time they’ve publicly spoke about the stadium since the City Council meeting of October 12.

It is unknown what the Tiger-Cats will say at this point. I’ll be at the event and will provide live updates throughout the morning.

The breakfast begins at 7:45 a.m. and runs until 9:00 a.m.

We could hear details of private sector funding which will help cut the stadium funding deficit which is presently at least $53.7 million.

Following the event, I expect Tiger-Cats president Scott Mitchell will provide a media availability.

I’ve recently started experimenting with Google Moderator. I used it in a lecture I delivered yesterday at Brock University to organize questions from the class.
Today, I’m going to embed it on my blog and invite you to suggest questions to ask of the Tiger-Cats. You can vote up the questions that you wish to see answered.

I’ll use your suggestions to formulate my own questions. Please keep in mind that I’m first and foremost a journalist. I will only ask questions that are journalistic in nature and are not beating “dead horses.” (aka The West Harbour site is off the table, I’m not planning to ask any questions related to the site.)

I’m a journalist that believes in collaboration at all stages of the news gathering process. I’m trusting you, my readers, to be responsible partners in the news gathering process. Let’s work together to understand today’s announcement.