#HamOnt Mayoral prediction: Eisenberger

I’m predicting Eisenberger will be the victor tonight.

Eisenberger’s supports are more pro-Eisenberger than anti-someone else. They are motivated to back him and loyal. The incumbent at a time when a strong anti-incumbent undercurrent is taking hold, he’s managed to hold his own in the opinion polls and keep a strong campaign organization behind him.

He’ll also benefit from increased voter turnout in Ward 2 due to the high number of candidates.

Di Ianni peaked too early. If the vote were three weeks ago, I would have predicted him to win. As memories of the divisive nature of the Pan Am debate fainted, so did the “blame the Mayor” mentality.

Bratina’s platform contained too many generalities. Over the weekend, I heard from many people that decided that didn’t know what Bratina stands for.

It’s going to be a close race. My prediction, Eisenberger holds the lower city and central mountain. Bratina and Di Ianni split the rest.