#HamOnt Vote 2010: Breaking down the results - the teaser

I’m slowly but surely taking the electoral results from the City of Hamilton website and transferring them into Google Spreadsheets. From the Spreadsheets, I’ll be able to query the data to analyze the results poll-by-poll.

Ward 2 is the first poll that I’ve inputted data for. I’ll write about this Ward in detail tomorrow morning. In the meanwhile, here’s a teaser bar graph of how the top six candidates fared against each other in each of the 11 regular polling districts and advance polls:

Novak captured the North End poll but placed sixth overall in the Ward. It’s for this reason I’m charting the top six. (Combined with an inability to use Google Docs to chart 19) The only polls not included are the institutional polls. Due to their small size, they did not align with the scale above. I’ll chart them as well in the morning.