Heads up: Time Off in October

My plan to take 48 hours off this week were scuttled by the surprise demolition permit for James Street Baptist Church.

To avoid exhaustion and/or burnout, I’m taking full 9 hours blocks of sleep each night until Monday. (I normally sleep 7 hours a day over the course of a few short sleep periods)

In October, I have three non-negotiable time periods during which I will be offline without any means of being reached to interupt the event I’m attending.

  • October 13 after 2pm: Friend’s wedding
  • October 14 after 12noon until 7pm: Thankgiving dinner and interogation of my cousin’s boyfriend (who the Internet and Facebook indicate is a good guy. Nonetheless, I’m going to give him a full interview to confirm my cousin’s always good judgement)
  • October 19 after 2pm until 11am October 20: I’m going to La Boheme at the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto. I cannot fully express how much I’m looking forward to this. I wrote about my experience of four years ago attending this same production and was hooked on opera starting then.

At City Hall, there are presently no meetings scheduled for October 24 and 25. With only three scheduled meetings the following week, this presents a rare opportunity for me to take more than a few hours off. (My normally weekend is packed with agenda reading, review, and preparation for the hectic Monday to Friday schedule of covering every meeting)

I may take a rare weekend off at that point.

Hopefully, we won’t have a major storm like the last weekend I took in July.

Of course, as happened this week, if news happens, this weekend off will be cancelled.