Health care legislation passes in the US Congress, now the communications war begins

The United States House of Representatives passed historic health care legislation tonight by a vote of 219 – 212.

I’ve honestly lacked the time to follow the debate closely and cannot weigh in with an opinion that raises to the standard of knowledge I hold myself to.

As a student of political science, I’ll be watching over the coming days as the communications war hits a crescendo and the midterm campaigns throttle up to full speed.

The Democrats once again own the message. For the last 14 months, the Obama administration has seemed adrift and without strong direction. Now, Obama looks strong and can convince people that he is decisive.

Americans like strong leadership, even when they disagree with it. Obama looks strong having maneuvered health care legislation through the Congress. He looks decisive by moving this legislation through the lower chamber with a series of quick actions at the end. It may have taken 14 months, but it was speedy at the end. Rarely do people remember the marathon, but they always remember the winners breaking the tape at the end.

A few weeks ago, it appeared Obama was going to be a one term wonder. Now, if he sells this victory correctly, he will once again be in control of the Washington agenda and on his way to a second term in 2012.

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