Heritage Permit Review Sub-Committee [Live 6:10pm]

The City’s powerful Heritage Permit Review Subcommittee meets to decide the future of the Pasadena Apartments, The Hermitage (Ancaster), and a minor change to the interior of Dundurn Castle

Live video starts at 6:10pm

The Pasadena Apartments on Bold Street were devastated by a fire late during the evening of February 20, 2014, the 100 year old building suffered extensive damage in the fire.

The owner says they plan to restore the designated heritage building and are submitting their first applications to begin the restoration work.

The Hermitage ruins are a Ancaster landmark, the Hamilton Conservation Authority wants to trim the ruins, make them symmetrical and use the site for wedding photos among uses. The Heritage Committee wants the ruins to remain looking like ruins.

The ruins are the remains of a home destroyed by fire in 1934.