HiveX was a day will benefit Hamilton

I attended Hamilton’s first HiveX young professionals conference organized by Hamilton Hive back in October only because I was asked to support the conference by contributing my web and technical skills.

I figured it was going to be a junior Hamilton Economic Summit – a day of talk with no action and overpriced out of town speakers making their first visit to Hamilton other than driving over the Skyway on their way to a Bills game from Toronto.

What action could possibility result from a conference with the Chamber of Commerce as a sponsor?

It was no Hamilton Economic Summit, that’s for sure. I felt an energy in the room. The room itself was filled with numerous individuals who are making Hamilton better by their actions, not their words.

More importantly, it was a relaxed atmosphere with just enough seriousness to attract individuals who do not normally cross each other.

Many fruitful discussions happened in the hallways. The workshops led by Hamiltonian’s focused on specific challenges and suggested obtainable plans to addressing them.

I feel that achievements will flow from the conference.

I know many who are working hard every day – often without any financial rewards and enduring attacks against their character – to make Hamilton better who took a pass on this conference. I don’t blame them – I was going to take a pass on the conference.

Next year, I’ll be encouraging them to be at the conference. I’ll also be lobbying the conference organisers to pass on paid speakers to lower the cost of admission to the conference. $45 is steep for those working in the non-profit sector or engaged in community work.

Part of this will be encouraging my peers to register early so conference organisers can be confident of having the necessary revenue to hold the event.